Autumn Bridge

Card Name: Autumn Bridge
Card ID: RFA-703
Size: 7 7/8 x 5 5/8

Understated and simple yet unique in its design, this is the perfect set of boxed corporate Thanksgiving cards with which to express your thanksgiving wishes & appreciation. A skillful illustration of a bridge in the fall outlined by an unimposing gold foil border. “There is no time more appropriate to say Thank You” is imprinted in gold foil. The evocative golden brown autumn trees and leaves combine perfectly with the golden lettering of the card. The corresponding envelope carries on a cozy feel with ecru paper and a matching gold foil lining.

These corporate holiday cards can be shipped to Canada, too!  Canadian business thanksgiving cards should be sent early though! Remember, Thanksgiving in Canada is observed on the 2nd Monday in October, much earlier than in the U.S.

Thanksgiving cards for business are terrific holiday card messages because they offer you the opportunity to engage with your clients during a celebrated time of gratitude.  Customers remember you more often when you keep in touch.  Order your corporate Thanksgiving cards early, imprint your Thanksgiving message to customers and "rake in" the repeat business.

This product has been discontinued.