Calendar Cards: The New Trend For Business Greeting Cards

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Calendar cards are the best way to combine marketing and the expected niceties of the holiday season. You should never spend money on anything that doesn’t advance your business interests. Calendar cards have a long lifespan, inclusive wording, and retain value throughout the year! Invest in calender cards for your business.

Calendar Cards Can Survive the Holidays

Calendar cards are simple cards that contain an entire calendar. They’re useful for any place you need to quickly view a date. Stick them up on the fridge or in your car so you can make plans on the go. Wherever they are, your business’s name and logo will be as well. It’s a great way to keep yourself fresh in your customers’ minds. If they look at your business every day, whenever they need something that you can provide you can be sure that you’re going to be the first to pop into their mind. Passive advertising is a great return on investment for a card that would otherwise be thrown away after the holidays–or sooner!

Don’t Focus On One Holiday

If you serve a multicultural and diverse community, you want to be sure that you’re not singling out one holiday. The end of the year is a time of celebration for many cultures. In the depths of winter, we all need something to look forward to. Instead of focusing on one holiday, or trying to touch on every single holiday out there (a recipe for disaster!), focus on the coming year. A small calendar is a portable, informative card motif. It’s not going to leave anyone out!

Calendar Cards are Usable Within the Year

You’re probably not going to order exactly the amount of calendar cards that you’re going to send out. You’ll be left with a small stock of cards once the holidays are over. If you focused on a specific holiday, you’d have to throw those away. Next year you’ll need a new batch. Calendar cards can be used up in different ways! You can leave them out for customers to claim when they visit your office, or carry them as backup business cards. Whatever the case, these will be at least somewhat useful for an entire year–you’re not wasting money!

Calendar cards are a great way for businesses to get the most value out of their holiday cards. Give your customers something to keep around all year long, rather than focusing on any one holiday too closely. Best of all, the extras won’t just be wasted money!


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