How to Get Creative With Business Holiday Cards

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Corporate holiday cards are a great way to reach out to your network pool. While the winter holidays are the most common, if you need the network boost, any holiday could be an attempt (subtly or not) to get attention back to your brand. If you want to fill some mailboxes with holiday cheer, follow this advice.

Cultivate a Festive Feel

Whatever your holiday, the easiest way to put people in the celebrating mood is to add a little graphic design flair to your card. For winter holidays, all you have to do is add a pretty snowflake next to your logo and you’re done. Even if your area hasn’t seen snow in thirty years, the image is synonymous with celebration. That’s all you have to do.

For other holidays, it works the same way: a Cupid’s bow at Valentine’s Day, a flag for Independence Day, and the list goes on. Bringing the colors or symbolism into your card is a fun way to incorporate that vibe without being too on the nose.

Include Thoughtful Analytics

Every card you send out should be also working for you. Something bland and generic won’t have the staying power of more important information. Many businesses take the new year as an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the last year. You can do this for other holidays as well, simply using a different marker. It would be odd for you to count from one St. Patrick’s Day to the next, but you could start with, “In the three months since the year began…”

The key here is to make sure you’re not bragging. Your card should focus on how grateful, humbled, and determined you are to thank your clients or customers. No one likes receiving the letter from Aunt Betsie that’s just bragged about her twins for three pages, but they’re even less likely to enjoy that from a company. Keep things concise, grateful, and excited to make the most of the next section of time, whether that’s a new year or the rest of the summer.

Alternatives to a Group Photo

If a group photo is on your list of “corporate holiday cards must-haves,” take a moment to think if that’s appropriate. It’s a great move for small businesses that embody the “Mom & Pop” style. It can work for regional offices of a larger company, as well. If you have a large staff that mainly works on-site or remotely, however, that may not work well.

Instead, highlight the completion of a project or have your graphics department put together a graphic. Some well-designed card faces are just as beautiful as your smiling ones.

Getting creative with business holiday cards is easier than it sounds. Think outside of the traditional holiday box, and don’t get pressured into a group photo (or worse, a photoshop of many different photos). Give your clients good news about your company while maintaining an eager, hardworking attitude. Mail these cards out and look forward to standing out from the crowd.

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