Corporate Greeting Cards For Every Occasion

Photo by Paul Bence on Unsplash

Photo by Paul Bence on Unsplash

The rules of the business world are often tricky and hard to grasp. In a world where email and even instant messenger are the communications rules, corporate greeting cards provide a break from impersonal communication. Use them to advance your standing in your company or outside of it.

The Value of a Personal Note

In the business world, a handwritten note is still the holy grail of communication. Even something short is seen as an investment of time. It’s the personal touch that reaches clients (and potential clients). It’s that same personal touch that makes cards from bosses to employees more meaningful. While corporate greeting cards are usually an outward-bound, client-oriented communication, they can increase employee happiness as well.

Elegance vs. Plainness

When you’re selecting your corporate greeting cards, take a moment to reflect on the visual impact of the card. Each one is going to represent your brand. Is it giving off the message that you want? There are greeting cards that are aesthetically pleasing, even beautiful, that wouldn’t be the right fit for a serious company. In general, the more your clients have to trust you, the more elegant and simple your card should be. A client might love to see a visually busy, colorfully scattered card from their dog walking service: this is a business that requires energy. They wouldn’t enjoy the same message from their investment firm: that’s an area where you want confidence and simplicity. Though these messages are typically subconscious, they can still sway your clients’ opinions.

Target Audience for Corporate Greeting Cards

At the end of the day, to whom do you want to send corporate greeting cards? It depends on what your goal is. During the winter holidays, it’s common for businesses to send cards to their entire mailing list, current and potential clients alike. It’s a good way to get your name in front of people’s eyes while honoring traditions. The rest of the year, however, these choices are a bit murkier.

Connect with your marketing department to find when they’d like a boost of client interest. Also, consider when you’re likely to know something about someone’s life without them being uncomfortable. When someone’s doctor’s office sends them a “Congratulations on your new baby!” card, it’s sweet. When their bank does it, it’s considered less appropriate, even if they’ve taken the baby to the bank.

Consider syncing the cards to your calendar and not your clients. A “Thank you for a great 3rd quarter!” card is a way to thank them and bring attention to your success. Not a bad combination!

Whatever the occasion, there are corporate greeting cards that address it. Focus on a style that fits your message and your brand. Include a personal note, however short. Use these as both a sincere expression and a way to get people’s attention when your business wants it most.

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