Should I Send Traditional or Modern Christmas Cards?

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Modern Christmas cards are very different from traditional ones. There are so many trends that come and go, and modern cards tend to follow the trends. If you’re trying to decide between sending out modern or traditional cards, consider the pros and cons of each.

Modern Christmas Cards Offer Cool Designs

If you are looking for a cool and new type of design, then modern Christmas cards are for you. There are so many different types of styles and designs that will stand out to your customers. This ranges from chalkboard designs and foiled lettering to company photos and even cards that include 3D art. Any designs you can imagine are available and your customers will love your modern Christmas cards.

Traditional Christmas Cards are Cozier

Think about this – you receive a Christmas card in the mail that shows a picturesque winter scene with a beautiful home, a couple red robins, snow, and a massive Christmas tree. You flip it over and it’s a coupon from your favorite company saying “Merry Christmas!” If this makes you happy and you want your customers to feel the same way, then traditional Christmas cards are for you. They give that cozy “Christmas Eve by the fire” kind of vibe that gives you warm and fuzzy feelings. It may be old-fashioned, but it is still nice.

What Look Are You Going For?

This is one of the top questions you should be asking yourself. Are you wanting to match your business colors, create a theme, or stand out? Then modern Christmas cards are the ones you should go for because you can customize any color scheme you choose without it looking strange. Or are you wanting to provide the perfect Christmas feelings that everyone considers an old-fashioned white Christmas? If so, then you should send traditional cards. It all depends on your personal style and your company’s style. You need to make a perfect unison of the two.

Remember modern Christmas cards offer cool and innovative designs. This makes it so your cards will stand out to your customers. Also, remember that traditional Christmas cards provide a picturesque Christmas scene that many will love. It depends on what you and your business’s style is, and what you want your customers to feel at the holidays about your company. Sending the right cards this holiday season will mean a lot to your customers. When you are wanting to send out quality traditional or modern Christmas cards to your customers it can be hard to know where to get them from. For the best, use Hammond Greetings and Promotions. You will receive quality cards at a variety of prices to meet every budget. To get your own greeting cards with Hammond Greetings and Promotions, call 888-553-2590.


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