How to Win Over Customers This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so what does that mean for you? Yes, you will see your family members, think about what you’re thankful for, and eat your way into a turkey coma. But it also means that it’s the perfect time to ‘thank’ the loyal customers of your business. Thanksgiving cards are the best way to do that. In this article, you will learn how to win over customers this Thanksgiving.

Why Send One

If you choose not to send out cards for Thanksgiving, you are missing out on a great opportunity to prove yourself to your loyal customers. Customers truly love businesses that appreciate their loyalty. Sending thank you cards this holiday season shows that you care about your customers enough to work on something special for them. Sending cards at Thanksgiving, shows your customers how much they mean to you and your business. It improves that personal touch that all customers long for.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your customers appreciation. You should thank your customers for choosing your company instead of your competitors. Be sincere, and customers will remember you when it’s time to buy again.

How to Win Customers Over

The overall thought of sending your customers Thanksgiving cards will make them feel like you care, but the details do matter. Make each card personalized with the customer’s name and wish them a wonderful Thanksgiving. Adding a personal touch like their name makes the customer feel like you put a lot of time and effort into this. It is also a nice personal touch when you hand sign each of the cards you send out. This demonstrates an additional effort that many recipients will notice. Thank you cards should be sent for the sake of expressing gratitude, but they can also generate sales by promoting a special offer. Frame your offer as a gift, given only to your best customers. This is a powerful marketing strategy that will lead to follow-up sales you would have never otherwise received. What makes sending cards a great marketing strategy is that it’s marketing without really being marketing. You’re showing your thanks while promoting your business. And if you choose to add a special offer then this is also generating potential profit and bringing customers into your store.

Now that you know the importance of sending thank you cards this Thanksgiving, you also know how vital it is to making an impact with your customers. Remember that you should always give out cards to show appreciation for your awesome customer base. Moreover, you can win customers over by adding the their names, signing the cards, and adding a promotion. When finding the right Thanksgiving cards for your business, use Hammond Greetings and Promotions. We provide quality cards in a variety of prices to meet every budget. To get your own Thanksgiving cards with Hammond Greetings and Promotions, call us at 888-553-2590.

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