Five Reasons Your Business Should Send Greeting Cards this Holiday Season

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Greeting cards are always popular, especially around any major holiday. A lot of families make them for their friends and family. But did you know businesses do them too? Holiday greeting cards are becoming popular for businesses. In this article, you will discover five reasons your business should send greeting cards this holiday season.

Customer Appreciation

Customers love businesses that appreciate their loyalty. Sending greeting cards this holiday season, says a lot about your business. It shows you care about your customers enough to work on something special for them. Holiday cards that you send to customers lets them know you appreciate their business. It’s a great way to thank your customers for choosing your company instead of your competitors. Be sincere, and customers will remember you, especially when it’s time to buy again.

A New Spin on Marketing

Marketing is sometimes frustrating from a customer’s point of view. It makes them feel like they are numbers to you and feel pressured to visit your store or buy something. But, sending holiday greeting cards feels more personal to each customer. Instead of trying to persuade them to make a purchase, it says “thanks for being a customer, happy holidays, and here’s our business.” The marketing is merely one aspect of the card instead of the whole thing.

They will Remember you

How many greeting cards have you received from a major corporation? Not very many. Sending holiday greeting cards will set you apart from your competition. It will also make you seem more relatable. Customers remember nice companies with generosity. Taking the time to send each customer something will make them remember you.

Announce Important Information

Did your business merge with a bigger company? What about a new location move? Or even a different social media experience? Use holiday greeting cards to your advantage by including important information on the card. If it’s a merger, then add cool graphics in the corner representing you and the new company. Show a location move by adding a mini-map at the bottom of the card. Show a new social media by adding images of the types of social media and your handle above them.

Give them a Gift in the Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are for expressing gratitude. But, they can also generate sales by promoting a special offer. Frame your offer as a gift, given only to your best customers. This is a powerful marketing strategy that will lead to more sales.
Now you know five reasons your business should send greeting cards this holiday season.  Remember that it promotes customer appreciation and is a new spin on marketing. It will make your customers remember you and allows you to announce information. All the while bringing in more sales. For the best, use Hammond Greetings and Promotions. You will receive quality cards in a variety of prices to meet every budget. To get your own greeting cards with Hammond Greetings and Promotions, call 888-553-2590.

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