Business Anniversary Cards . . . Are They Necessary?

photo by Free-Photos-

photo by Free-Photos-

Forgetting to recognize an anniversary in a personal relationship can cause a world of hurt, but what about in business relationships? Are employee anniversary cards needed, or expected, in today’s business climate? Just like in personal relationships, the answer lies in the connection that exists between folks.

First, the connection between employer and employee is a deep one. Most employees spend more time at work than with family. A full-time employee gives thousands of hours every year of his or her life in dedicated work to a company. Then, add in the off-hours worry, stress and thought an employee puts in and the answer to recognition and business anniversary cards becomes clear. The reality is, if you truly value employees and want them to stay for the long term, you must recognize work anniversaries.

So, how do you help your employees feel valued as individuals on such an important date? Just like most personal relationships the answer is more about connection and less about pizazz. So, consider the following when recognizing those employee milestones:

  1. Make it personal. A simple card with a heartfelt note from someone in leadership goes a lot farther than the standard company gift. Sure, gifts are nice, but don’t have the staying power on their own. Don’t forget to hand write the message in your business anniversary cards and sign them for that extra bit of personalization. Also, send employee anniversary cards directly to their residence for added impact.
  2. Be specific. What is it about the employee that you admire? Not sure what to put? Soliciting feedback from the employee’s co-workers on positive attributes can help. Including comments received from customers helps. Anything that identifies the employee’s specific, admirable qualities goes a long way.
  3. Consider those who support the employee. Significant others sacrifice a great deal in order for an employee to be dedicated to an employer. If possible, send something to the employee’s significant other, in addition to your business anniversary cards, thanking him or her for the sacrifice. One employer sent flowers to a valued employee’s spouse to recognize a promotion. The spouse was floored.
  4. Anniversary dates are important opportunities for employers to further the company culture and brand. Branded gifts and cards help build the brand internally and, when tastefully done, help reinforce a positive, loyal employee base.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you can make sure that your employees feel valued and keep your well wishes tasteful and appropriate. If you’re looking to stock up on work anniversary cards, check out what Hammond has in stock today!

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