Corporate Birthday Cards: To Send or Not to Send?

photo by image4you-

photo by image4you-

With birthday recognition, it’s the thought that counts, right?  For businesses, it really depends on who the audience is and the nature of the business. The following are a few considerations when deciding on whether or not to invest the time and money on company birthday cards.

Suggestion 1: Always send birthday cards to employees – no exceptions. Employees need to feel valued on their birthdays. The best birthday cards to employees have a short, handwritten sentence or two from a leader and are sent to the employees’ homes. Some companies include small gifts in their corporate birthday cards i.e. a coupon for a meal at the company cafeteria or a gift card. Gifts are not mandatory, but can be a nice touch depending on the size of the budget and company.

Also, birthday cards should be sent regardless of employee performance – keep the message light, celebratory and free from any business speak. Trite phrases like, “you are a valuable member of the team” or referring to the employee as an “asset” can be condescending and impersonal. If you’re at a loss for words, just wish the employee a great day and a happy celebration.

Suggestion 2: Send corporate birthday cards to existing customers with whom you have close relationships. Don’t have your valued customers’ dates? There’s nothing wrong with letting them know you value them and would like to send greetings on their birthdays. If you’re bashful, you can always contact the assistant and ask for birth months.

Suggestion 3: Always send company birthday cards to customers who can use reminders for your services. Dentists and doctors do a great job tying birthday cards in with reminders for check-ups. You don’t have to be in the medical industry to get creative with birthday reminders. Make sure to include a gifts i.e. discounts or coupons for your products or services to give your corporate birthday cards something memorable.

With these tips, you can make sure you’re sending your well wishes the right way. Make sure you’re stocked for the rest of the year with Hammond’s bulk birthday cards.

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