Hammond Printing and Promotions was founded by Whitney Hammond in 1995 as a supplier of greeting cards and promotional products for businesses and organizations. A lot has changed since then, but what remains the same is our focus on providing prompt, personal, and professional service.

Our Story

I got started in the greeting card business at the ripe old age of eight, selling holiday cards off the Boys' Life magazine to friends and family. My motivation then was to sell enough cards to qualify for the cool prizes featured on the magazine's back cover. 

Despite my young age, I took this very seriously and really enjoyed the sense of satisfaction of closing a sale. My determination, hard work, and persistence impressed my dad. He decided to support my sales venture and went to a local printer and got actual card samples for me to show my customers. No longer was I  the boy selling for prizes on the back cover of a magazine. This was the real thing.

I started contacting local businesses, knowing that they would order larger quantities than individual families. Soon, I was receiving regular orders from Salt Lake City law firms, insurance agencies, accounting firms and other business professionals.  One day, a representative from the card manufacturers called asking to talk with Whitney. Imagine their surprise when my mother told them that her son was still at school. They had no idea that Whitney, one of their most productive representatives, was a school-age boy!

Throughout junior high and high school, my greeting card business continued to grow.  I enjoyed visiting clients after school and helping them select their cards. I had a wonderful family member who drove me to clients calls before I was old enough to drive.  

Fast forward to today, I continue to enjoy helping clients in getting greeting cards and also custom branded merchandise. I really love this business and the opportunity to be a part of my clients’ branding success.

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