Customizing Your Corporate Holiday Cards

by admin on June 8, 2011

Many companies send holiday greetings cards to their customers and associates. At Christmastime mailboxes fill quickly with greetings from near and far. How can you be sure that your card will stand out from the crowd and not get lost in the holiday shuffle?

Custom Christmas Cards—Don’t just choose a generic design with a generic greeting.  Match the design and image of your card to the mission of your business.  Are you located in a scenic part of the country?  Select one of Hammond’s Christmas cards with a beautiful mountain landscape.  If you’re located in a major city, select one of Hammond’s city scenes.  If your business is focused on being environmentally aware, Hammond’s offers recycled holiday greetings.

Select a corporate Christmas card that fits the formality or informality or your organization.  You want your customers to think of your company quickly and positively when they see your card and not wonder what you were thinking.  With a variety of card styles from very traditional and formal to contemporary and humorous, there is a sure to be a holiday greeting card just right for your company.

Know your customer base.  Select a business holiday card that fits the interests of your customers.  A strongly religious card may not be so well received if your customers are not of a religion that celebrates Christmas or if they are not religious.

Personalize your Christmas greetings.  For a business focused on personal service, the ultimate in personalized Christmas cards would be a photo card.  Hammond offers several styles of cards that can easily include a photo of your staff on the cover.

A customized greeting tailored to your business and your customers is another way to personalize your card. In addition to a wide variety of verse choices, you can also add a personal message and your logo to your business Christmas cards. Craft a personal message that lets your customers know you really appreciate them and their business to get your card read and remembered.

Finally, hand address your envelopes whenever possible.  A handwritten address says personal in a way that a pre-printed address cannot.

Spending a little time planning for your business’ Christmas cards this holiday season will please your customers and make receiving your cards more welcome than Aunt Fannie’s fruitcake.

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