Boosting Morale with Birthday Cards

by admin on January 17, 2012

Employee morale can often be strengthened by attention to seemingly small details.  One of the simplest and most effective is remembering employee’s birthdays.  While office parties can be lots of fun, they are often inconvenient and it can be difficult to celebrate every birthday.  A much simpler and equally effective way is to observe your staff member’s birthdays with a personalized birthday card.

A birthday card with a handwritten message of congratulations and thanks inside lets employees know that you are thinking of them and are aware of important events in their lives.  Observing and remembering employee birthdays does not have to be expensive or complicated.  Ordering bulk birthday cards from Hammond allows you to plan ahead and have a ready supply of cards on hand so you won’t miss a single birthday.  Hammond has a great selection of business birthday cards that come in preselected assortments for additional personalization.

When purchasing bulk birthday cards, greetings can be prepared ahead of time and delivered on the big day to make sure you don’t miss a single employee.  The simple act of remembering and honoring each employee can help to boost morale and build a sense of family and camaraderie among your staff, leading to higher productivity and employee retention.

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